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Privacy & Policy

1.0         introduction

Mybusinesshandle.com understand the value of privacy and security of our users, therefore the importance of keeping the confidentiality of personal data is paramount to us. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all of the services and products offered by us and describes precisely how we may possibly collect, process and reveal details in terms of end users of the Sites

2.0             Consent to store and use data (IMPORTANT):

Mybusinesshandle.com provides a platform for buyers and sellers to showcase their product and service all over the world. individual or Firms are promoting their business activities through this site for their own benefits.  In order to do this, you as a buyer or seller will have to provide some basic information about you, without which your potential customers cannot decide on the suitability of you for providing the service.

At the same time, to build and maintain a reliable business platform, Mybusinesshandle.com requires that:

your identity is verified through possible means such as e-mail and/or mobile phone verification and/or through reference for enrolment by existing members

certain information about you and your company’s data be provided by you

Mybusinesshandle.com team is convinced about the credentials you provided

(d) you agree to the storage of these data in Mybusinesshandle.com database and you also agree to show some data to the public based on which they can decide to seek your service. Customers, on the other hand, will have to provide their names and e-mail address so that those who access the site are real men/women and not machines or the like.

By registering as a user as stated above, you give Mybusinesshandle.com the full consent to store all the data provided by you and display a few data (such as name. location, etc. and those chosen by you to display in public)

3.0          Why we need your information?

Our primary aim to collect personal data about you is to ensure you a unique customer identity in our database and by so provide you with smooth, efficient and personalized service while you use our website. By providing us your data, it allows us to present you with customized features and services that most likely meet your needs. We collect these information through the online forms that are voluntarily filled up by you after having agreed to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of this website

4.0         How we use your personal information?

We use the collected personal information to enhance your website user experience. We also use personal information for statistical analysis of usage of the site to enable us to improve site contents, layout, customization of offerings on products and services. We use your personal info to send you email on our newsletter, response to online queries or comments and any update on Forum that you have requested. We also use it to protect the users.

5.0        Disclosure to Third Parties

Mybusinesshandle.com do not sell, trade or release any personal data about you to any third party. We, however, reserve the right to disclose about you to Law Enforcement or Judiciary at our discretion if deemed necessary or appropriate in connection to any investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement or other activity that is illegal or may expose to legal liability.

6.0           Change of Privacy Policy

Mybusinesshandle.com reserves the right to add, change or modify the privacy policy. If we make any changes in our privacy practices that will affect user data already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on the website, notify via email or phone call as found appropriate. You reserve the right in such case to decline to let us know the new data requested. In this case, it is possible that some of our services may not be available to you thereafter.

7.0         General condition

By using any of the features including but not limited to browsing the contents, searching through databases, sourcing data or information, buying/ selling goods and services through this website, exchanging ideas or opinions and transacting through this website in any manner, you (the user) agree to the detailed Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Mybusinesshandle.com.